QWERTY is the name of the standardized layout of keys. It was introduced 130 years years ago and keyboards might have gotten lighter and smoother, but how we interact with them haven’t changed much. So, to introduce the new touch bar on MacBook Pro, we created a film that takes us on a ride through the history of the keyboard. 

Selected Works

Wish for the extraordinaryMeta Quest | Holiday

Billie EilishMeta Quest | Beat Saber

Welcome Home | HomePod

Play For RealMeta Quest | Quest 2 launch

Bounce | AirPods

Privacy | iPhone

Make Someone's Holiday | Holiday

Notes | Music

Privacy matter | iPhone

Roll | Music + Watch

Bulbs | MacBook

Wonderful Tools | Keynote

It's here | iPhone X

#SonosTheAwardsSonos | Grammys

EmberCall of Duty | Black Ops III

Battery Life | iPhone XR

Don't Fight. Switch.Windows Phone

iPhone XS Launch | iPhone

The invitationXbox One

Float | iPad Launch