Hej, I'm Robbin. I currently work at Meta Reality Labs as a Group Creative Director.

I was born in a small town in Sweden, without any idea that a job in advertising even was a possibility. But from the time I could hold a pen, I've been making things. Anything really, in whatever scrappy way possible. From logos, websites and posters for local companies to running the local theater with my best friends and arranging film workshops for kids with disabilities. It wasn’t until a local business forced me to start my own company that I realized that this could become a job.

Luck, serendipity and hard work set me on the trajectory that allowed me to spend the last 13+ years across the world, meeting amazingly talented people, working for some of the agencies I admired from afar and making things that the little kid in Sweden only could have dreamt of making.

say hi at robbin.ingvarsson@gmail.com or connect on linkedin